Breast Augmentation Perth

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation, also known as breast enlargement, breast implants or boob job, enlarges the breasts through the insertion of implants in the chest. Commonly known as breast implants or breast enhancement, it is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed in Australia and is ideal for women looking to increase the fullness of their breasts.

Dr. Lee welcomes you to contact Glamour Cosmetic Surgery in Perth to see if a breast augmentation is right for your individual needs.

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure of the breasts to make them larger, improve symmetry and cleavage, as well as increase fullness in the upper pole . The best candidates for this procedure are healthy women who wish to enhance their appearance by increasing the size of their breasts. There are many reasons one may wish to undergo breast augmentation at Glamour Cosmetic Surgery. This includes those who wish to enhance their naturally small breasts or restore volume that may have been lost due to fluctuations in weight, pregnancy or breastfeeding, those who have had a mastectomy and transgender women looking to achieve a more feminine chest contour. We understand that each patient is unique, and the best way to determine individual candidacy is to book a free consultation at Glamour Cosmetic Surgery with Dr. Lee to discuss breast enhancement.

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Breast Augmentation Perth

A Fully-Customised Surgery

Breast Augmentation Perth

At Glamour Cosmetic Surgery, we are proud to offer our patients a completely individualised service for breast implant surgery to create their desired appearance. After obtaining your medical history, assessing your breasts and chest wall, and taking measurements, Dr. Lee will present you with all options. He doesn’t dictate to you what to do, he believes that you are the one who’s going to wear them, so you should be the one making the decision. However, Dr. Lee will assist you as you go through your options and he has a strong focus on developing an individualised treatment plan to help you reach your aesthetic goals while enhancing your natural beauty. It is necessary that a patient makes their final decision before their surgical procedure. These include the following:

The most common options for breast augmentation are silicone and saline implants. These two types of modern implants are safe and have been approved for cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Silicone implants generally provide a more natural-looking result compared to saline ones. The first option is a soft silicone gel within a silicone shell that mimics the natural feel of breast tissue. The other choice available to you includes a semi-solid cohesive silicone gel implant that also provides a natural feel. Saline implants are another option to achieve a firmer feel that is less fixed to the chest (bouncier). These work differently from the silicone option, as saline implants are inflated with sterile salt water (i.e., saline) once silicone exterior shells are placed in the desired position during your procedure. With this selection, the incisions made during your procedure are smaller, reducing slightly the length of external scars. Saline implants are cheaper, but more likely to create a rippling effect underneath the skin. For $8,490, all-inclusive, all of Dr. Lee’s patients will receive the most advanced of implants, Motiva. Of course, you have the freedom to choose another implant if you ever so wish.

Breast implant sizes are based on volume and measured in cubic centimetres, or ‘ccs’. For reference, one bra cup size is found to be approximately 110 to 130ccs, with implants ranging from 150 to 1050ccs. Many patients select between 300 and 500ccs for their implant size. Patients are welcome to attend their consultation with the desired size in mind. Alternatively, Dr. Lee is open to discuss your size options to determine which will best suit your preferred breast aesthetics.

Breast augmentation surgery requires access to underlying breast tissue through the use of surgical cuts, which can be created in various regions of the breast area. At Glamour Cosmetic Clinic, Dr. Lee’s preferred incision sites are in the underarms, around the areolae and under the breasts. Many factors determine the ideal incision site, such as the shape of the breast, its specific characteristics and the type of implant selected for your procedure. Your options will be discussed at your complimentary consultation with Dr. Lee.

Your breast implants can be placed within the chest with a choice of three locations – under the muscle, over the muscle, or a combination of both.

1. For under the muscle or sub-muscular approach, your breast implant will be placed under the pectoralis major, also known as the pectoral muscle. This placement can provide patients with the most natural-looking result as there are more natural tissues covering the implant. Sub-muscular placement is especially beneficial to those with a naturally smaller breast before an augmentation. This approach also provides greater support for the implant and reduces the risk of capsular contracture, a condition that occurs when internal scar tissue surrounds and compresses the implant, causing an uneven and irregular appearance.

2. Your second option is sub-glandular placement, where the implant is placed between the existing breast tissue and the muscle. This is a slightly less invasive technique and may lead to slightly shorter recovery times. Benefits of this placement include a better cleavage and a softer touch. However, this is not a recommended choice for women with significantly insufficient breast tissue as it can lead to rippling or visible implants.

3. A combination of both or dual-plane placement is a form of an under-muscle approach. The ‘dual’ in dual-plane refers to the fact that Dr. Lee will create a pocket for the implant under the muscle, but also separates a portion of the muscle from the overlying breast tissue. Therefore, a dual-plane placement involves dissection under the muscle, and over the muscle. The purpose of this dual dissection is to allow part of the muscle to contract upwards. This brings the lower part of the implant into direct contact with the breast tissue (over-muscle placement), while the upper part of it is intervened by the muscle (under-muscle placement). By doing so, the breast tissue can be forced up as much as possible from the bottom.

This technique can be particularly beneficial in certain situations. For example, in patients with a low-grade breast droop, or ptosis, who may not have to have a breast lift. It can also be favourable for those desiring a more natural, lower fullness with their final result.

Current breast shape and desired result of the patient determine the varying degrees of muscle coverage over the implant, and that’s why it is important to select a surgeon, such as Dr. Lee, that is experienced in and has managed to achieve desired effects with this subtle manoeuvre, as the proportion of the implant covered by the muscle to that not covered by it makes the subtle difference that impacts your final result.

All placement options available to you are safe and reliable, but many factors play a role in planning the best option for you. These factors at least include 1) your existing breast tissue: volume, shape, nipple position and tissue elasticity; 2) the overall musculature of the chest; 3) the requested implant shape and size; 4) the final result desired.

Each patient is unique to Dr. Lee, and he will methodically plan with you the procedure he believes is best for your needs.

Breast Augmentation with Dr. Lee

Breast Augmentation Perth

Cost of Breast Augmentation in Perth

When looking for affordable breast implants, be sure to consider the overall value of surgery. Dr. Lee has performed more than 3,000 breast augmentation surgeries. Close to 99% of these patients are very happy with the outcome after the first surgery. Internationally-accepted standards allow a surgeon to have up to 5% unsatisfied patients after the first surgery, for surgical and non-surgical reasons. Dr. Lee also enjoys outstandingly low complication rates. It is recommended to select a surgeon who has a proven track record of safety and results, such as Dr. Lee, rather than someone with less experience that offers appealing prices, which can often lead to complications with your breast augmentation in the future. However, taking into account Dr. Lee’s proven track record of safety and consistently excellent results, $9,990 his practice charges is highly competitive in Australia. $9,990 includes the most advanced Motiva implants and fees for fully-accredited private hospital. This one-off fee also includes all post-operative follow-ups with Dr. Lee.

Breast Augmentation Procedure & Recovery

Breast Augmentation Perth

At Glamour Cosmetic Surgery, we are proud to offer our patients a completely individualised service for breast implant surgery to create their desired appearance. Dr. Lee will assist you as you go through your options and he has a strong focus on developing a treatment plan to help you reach your aesthetic goals while enhancing your natural beauty.

All breast augmentation procedures at Glamour Cosmetic Surgery are performed in fully-accredited private hospitals in Perth. The surgery takes around two hours to complete and is performed under general anaesthesia. Before your procedure, Dr. Lee will go through the details of the surgery again to ensure you feel comfortable going ahead with the intended plan. ‘Before’ photographs are taken to compare to your final result once the breasts have healed.

Before the surgery begins, with a surgical marker Dr. Lee will carefully create a blueprint of the procedure on the skin. The skin of the breasts and surrounding areas is thoroughly disinfected to prevent infection before the incisions are made. Dr. Lee will make incisions based on the surgical plan that has been discussed with you. These areas will eventually develop scar tissue, although scarring will be minimal and well-concealed. Dr. Lee will meticulously create the pocket as planned for the implant, making it just snugly fit the implant and ensuring nipple sits right in the centre of the implant. After the implants you have selected are placed and secured in their desired position, incisions will be closed with stitches and dressed in surgical bandages. After your procedure, a surgical bra will be put on for you to wear for four to six weeks.

The days following your surgery, patients will find that they are sore and swollen – this is completely normal. Swelling can be kept to a minimum by keeping the upper body raised when the patient sitting or lying down. Instructions for caretakers and patients will be provided before your discharge. Recovery time from breast augmentation varies between each patient. In general, patients return to work and light activity within one week. At Glamour Cosmetic Surgery, each recovery plan is created to meet your individual needs. Dr. Lee will provide support and guidance throughout the entire healing process to ensure a safe recovery.

It is common for your body to take a couple of months to completely heal, although your
results can be enjoyed shortly after the surgery. 

Contact Dr. Lee at Glamour Cosmetic Surgery should you have any queries about breast
augmentation and recovery following this surgical procedure.