Breast Implant Revision Perth

What is Breast Implant Removal, Replacement and Revision?

Breast implant revision surgery offers a solution for women who are looking to have their breast augmentation re-done. 

Breast implant revision aims to replace old breast implants with new ones or simply remove them. Regularly, the goal is also to change or improve the appearance of the breasts while updating the implants. This can be achieved through the many options that are available to you at Glamour Cosmetic Surgery in Perth.

An important step in understanding if you require a revision surgery is to book a complimentary consultation with Dr. Lee. 

Key Facts:

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Breast Implant revision Perth

Breast Implant Removal, Replacement and Revision with Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee is proud to offer breast implant revision surgery at Glamour Cosmetic Surgery in Perth. Patients from Western Australia and around the country seek Dr. Lee’s expertise in breast implant revision. He frequently sees patients who are dissatisfied with their augmentation or have developed one or more complications from a breast implant surgery performed by someone else.

When considering breast implant revision, it is essential to diagnose the problem and determine the cause of the issue. Dr. Lee will form this analysis during consultation and physical examination to recognise your individual needs. At Glamour Cosmetic Surgery, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, rather, Dr. Lee is committed to providing you with a personalised plan tailored to your desired result. 

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breast implant revision perth

Reasons for Revision

Breast Implant revision Perth

Patients at Glamour Cosmetic Surgery may desire breast implant revision surgery for many reasons. One common reason is that the patient requests either a larger or smaller augmentation. A change in implant size and/or implant profile or shape can often be easily addressed by revision surgery.

An undesirable breast implant “feel” may also be a reason for wanting breast implant revision surgery. Saline implants create sharper ripples because the saltwater filling them is not as thick and viscous as gel. While a saline implant may provide an excellent augmentation in a woman with adequate breast tissue, if there is not enough tissue covering the implant, ripples may be felt, and a revision may be desired. 

Concern about rupture or rotation of an anatomically-shaped teardrop implant is also found to be a frequent reason for revision. 

Another reason for a revision procedure is issues with breast implant position and migration. Implants may have been placed too high from the beginning, or they may become high over time as a result of capsular contracture. Capsular contracture occurs when internal scar tissue around the implant becomes too thick and contracts, causing distortion and migration of the implant.

Similarly, implants may have been placed too low or too far to the side from the beginning; or may migrate over time to those positions. 

An implant that is too high because it was placed that way at the original surgery can usually be revised with a relatively simple operation. However, if the implant is too high as a result of capsular contracture, then the revision surgery will not be successful over time unless it addresses the contracture and takes steps to prevent it from recurring. In simplistic terms, capsular contracture occurs when internal scar tissue around the implant becomes too thick and contracts, causing distortion and migration of the implant.

Similarly, if an implant has migrated downwards or sideways on the chest because the patient’s tissues did not provide it with enough support over time, then the revision surgery must provide additional support, so the problem will not recur. Dr. Lee believes that, with good suturing technique, internal sutures are adequate most of the time. Occasionally, a supporting synthetic layer must be introduced surgically. There are currently a variety of materials available for providing extra support to a breast implant at Glamour Cosmetic Surgery.