Mummy Makeover Perth

What is a Mummy Makeover?

Involving a combination of cosmetic procedures that can help mothers restore their pregnancy bodies, a Mummy Makeover aims to remove the unwanted effects of age, pregnancy and childbirth and give back body-confidence to those that desire it. Dr Lee welcomes you to contact Glamour Cosmetic Surgery in Perth to see if a Mummy Makeover is right for your individual needs.

Why Have A Mummy Makeover?

The entire body can be affected by pregnancy, but most of the issues addressed in a Mummy Makeover are related to the changes in the breasts and abdomen. Breasts can go through many changes, which vary from woman to woman. Hormones cause the breasts to grow to accommodate the extra milk production. The areola may also grow during this period. The extra weight can cause the breasts to sag. Postpregnancy, breasts may shrink or stay at an increased size. Breastfeeding also affects the breasts as post-breastfeeding can cause deflation. The abdomen grows as the child grows, causing the skin to stretch very quickly in a short period of time. This can result in stretch marks and pockets for fat cells to hide. The changes to the belly aren’t just external; the inside of the abdominal wall is also affected. Muscles are pushed from the inside out, causing them to separate and stretch, which is very difficult to recover after pregnancy. All the sit-ups in the world may not help the abdominal wall get back to normal. Other changes to the body usually involve the build-up of extra fat deposits around the thighs and hips, resulting in “love handles”. A Mummy Makeover can address these and other issues that happen to the body during and after pregnancy.

Key Facts:

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Mummy Makeover with Dr. Lee

At Glamour Cosmetic Surgery, we discuss each procedure in detail and develop a realistic plan for your Mummy Makeover. Dr Lee assesses your goals, preferences, and frame, using each to create an individualised treatment plan, just for you. After all, ‘you are the one who is going to wear them’.
Dr Lee is committed to providing individualised and unique plans tailored to each client’s desired results – there is no one-size-fits-all. At Glamour Cosmetic Surgery, we know that each of our patient’s needs is unique. With informative and comfortable discussions, we aim to provide a personalised experience from the initial consultation to the final procedure.

Mummy Makeover Perth

Mummy Makeover Procedures & Recovery

Mummy Makeover Perth

How Do I Know Which Procedures To Have?

The beauty of the Mummy Makeover is that it is a combination surgery, meaning that you can choose any combination of procedures you want. Most Mummy Makeover patients decide on at least one breast surgery and at least one body procedure, but every woman’s body has a different response to being pregnant. What works for you may not work for someone else. You can get as many or as few procedures as you need to get your body to look the way you want. If you aren’t sure what surgeries your body needs, you can discuss your general concerns and cosmetic goals with Dr Lee during your Mummy Makeover consultation.

Breast implant
For some women, breasts can become somewhat deflated after pregnancy, especially post-breastfeeding. After pregnancy, extra hormones and milk production are no longer needed, so breasts no longer need the extra space. As they shrink, they can begin to appear deflated or smaller in size than preferred. A breast enhancement will increase the size of the breast and give a rounder, fuller appearance. This is accomplished by placing an implant in the chest during the procedure.

Breast lift
Breasts can hang looser on the chest even if they are of the desired size. The extra skin and stretching that happens when breasts grow cause them to sag following pregnancy. The breasts can also lose their firmness or become less perky when they sit lower on the chest. A breast lift doesn’t drastically change the size of the breasts but will make some adjustments, so the breast sits higher and has a more youthful shape.

Breast reduction
If breasts grew significantly during pregnancy and a smaller size is desired, a breast reduction is a good option. This procedure involves making an incision along the underside of the breast and around the areola, removing the excess tissue and reshaping the breast to the right size and proportions.

Tummy tuck
This procedure is designed to repair the tummy on the inside and outside. A baby stretches the skin while it grows, leaving stretch marks and extra soft tissue. It also causes the abdominal muscles to separate and stretch. With a tummy tuck, all these changes can be altered. Dr Lee makes an incision from hip to hip over the top of the thighs and the pubic bone. The skin can be lifted so the muscles can be repaired, and pockets of extra fat can be removed. The extra tissue is trimmed away before the skin is pulled back down to the incision site and secured in place with stitches. This procedure aims to give the tummy a better contour whilst removing the excess tissue to reduce or eliminate stretch marks.

Removing excess skin tissue and fat deposits can be done around the rest of the body with other lift procedures, including:

  • Body lift
    Targeting the torso and upper legs to provide better definition and improve the figure. Not typically used as often in Mummy Makeovers as other procedures, but the body lift is still an option for some patients.
  • Arm lift
    The upper arms are a prime location for extra fat deposits to settle, making it hard to wear certain tops or dresses without feeling self-conscious. An arm lift is, in principle, somewhat similar to a tummy tuck. An incision is made on the inside of the arm towards the armpit, then extra fat and soft tissue are removed before the skin is lifted and tightened at the incision site.

Mummy Makeover Recovery

Seeing as the Mummy Makeover involves multiple procedures done at the same time, recovery time is longer compared to that following one procedure. Recovery times will vary depending on how well the body heals as well as the type of procedures undertaken. A recovery period of at least two to four weeks should be expected. There is also a possibility that more swelling, bruising, and tenderness could be experienced following more than one procedure. On the flip side, if each Mummy Makeover procedure was done individually, the total recovery from all the procedures would be significantly more than the one Mummy Makeover session. Getting all procedures done at once saves time and money compared to doing each surgery separately. Contact Dr Lee at Glamour Cosmetics should you have any queries about a Mummy Makeover and recovery following this procedure.